We at A2d welcome you with your queries. We promise to reach you in the minimum time possible with handy solutions to make your business a painless affair.

A2d intends to provide technical as well as non-technical solutions to your business to flourish in the global market. We aim at preparing cost analysis for your business, establishing team role, creating roadmaps, researching and testing the end users, outlining project specifications, preparing marketing strategies, preparing server-side architecture, backend development, UX and graphic design, creating back-office consoles along with upholding ethics and morals of business.
User Research and User Testing being the two most important aspectsof development of a product, A2d values them the most. We believe in gaining valuable insights from our users regarding how they are making use of the product and what further they’re trying to achieve through it and also how perfectly it fits in their day-to-day life.This all is accomplished through open communication and feedback system designed by A2d Technosoft. Thus, ensuring compatibility of your product before rolling out in the market.
A2d, till the time have taken up major initiatives such as The School Bag, Truck Wala, Sarthi, Shopping App etc. We have provided competent technical and marketing solutions all over the country and nurtured various businesses to achieve great profits. Our happy client kudos us with ‘The Pioneer in the New Digital Market’.
A2d is ever ready to serve you. Our unmatchable dedication to serve our client with best possible solutions and providing them with open communication for queries, ensures transparency in our work. We as a team hold on to ethics and morals, proving our loyalty and expertise at every stage.